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Moderator Application Template

Post by [{ESG}] Nero on Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:33 pm


*PLEASE NOTE* Do NOT comment or reply on this post. Any comments or reply's will be removed. This is only for you to copy and paste into the applications page



Why you would like to be a Moderator? Please state in at least 50 words:

What can you do for the community:

How did you find this server:

Do you have any previous Experience with being a mod/Admin on any other servers?

A bit about your self:

Current Rank:

Will you be active on the forums?

Will you be active in game?

What time do you normally play? (EST):

Why would you be a good attribute to the server?

Are mod's Allowed to punish Fellow Mods?

Are mod's Allowed to punish Users?

Here's a few scenarios, answer them to the best of your ability.


Question #1

Player 1 Spams 20 fences what do you do?

A:Ban him permanently for propspam
B:Kick player 1 for propspam
C:Tp to him and tell him to stop

Question #2

Player1 Rdm's Player2 what do you do?

A:Bring them both and to you and listen to what happend
B:Slay player 1 for Rdm
C:Kick player 1

Question #3

you find a area which is propblocked what do you do?

A:remove the propblock
B:bring the owner of the prop and have him fix it
C:Kick the player for prop block

Question #4

What is the proper punishment order to follow

Question #5

What is the required length for a keypad to hold?

Question #6

What are you meant to use noclip for?

Question #7

You see an admin who is abusing what do you do?

Question #8

You find someone propkilling what do you do?

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